After dot-com bubble burst and the bubble that caused the financial crisis, the next wake up from a dream is looming in health care. This blog is about international health care politics.

To the ongoing discussion I’d like to add my views from the perspective of a practitioner who is involved in primary care, sophisticated medical service and medical research. Though rooted in Germany, I provide a worldwide health care service. By that token I maintain contacts to patients, doctors, and health care insurances in many countries so different.

Also having supported German health care system, one that considers themselves as one of the richest and most sophisticated, by a total of 2 million Euro from 2003-2010, I feel immune against any allegation of pursuing greedy private interests.

The topics are added to this blog in no particular order except the most pressing topics first. If you wish something be tackled more urgently, please give me a note.



  1. 2010/04/07 at 5:36 pm

    My father escaped Hitler in 1933, came to America in 1938 and set up a Medical Practice in Seattle, WA. He swore by the German system of Health care until the early ’90s when he spoke to a colleague in Germany. His colleague told him that I was correct (I have researched other countires’ systems for many years) and that the system had badly deteriorated. After further research and conversations with other German colleagues, dad told me that I was indeed correct. The German system had failed, as has the Italian system, the French system, the British system, and virtually all other government run systems in Europe.

    You have presented a good commentary, and accurate analysis.

    • 2010/04/08 at 4:00 pm

      Thank you for this encouraging comment. On this blog, I just try to present my analysis, and I hope sometimes I can afford the time and acquire the necessary language skills to proceed with developing my ideas how to improve.

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